In December I felt fortunate to survive the first blizzard of my lifetime. You may also remember my post from the other day entitled “Spring Will Spring“. Today I am less hopeful about the end of winter.

    The snow began falling yesterday morning around 9:30 am. We left at 10:30 for church and already a few inches were on the ground. I was extremely nervous about whiteout conditions after my graduation experience, but we made it safely to church and back. We decided to stay home the rest of the day.

    We woke up Monday morning, and it had stopped snowing. We made plans to meet some friends to sled. While Jesse was shoveling the 12″ on the ground, he talked to a few neighbors and realized no one had been able to get out of our neighborhood. The street had only been plowed once around 3 pm the day before. After shoveling half of the driveway, Jesse was ready for breakfast and a break. Around this time, the snow began falling again.

    Jesse's Hard Work

    We live at the bottom of a U. To leave the U, you must travel uphill in each direction. We called our friends and rescheduled sledding until after the plow came. At about noon, the plow came and got stuck in one corner of the U. It took about an hour with an entire team of neighbors to get the plow back up the hill, but the bottom of the U (us) had still not been plowed. He promised someone else would come through later. At 3 pm, 24 hours after the first plow truck plowed the road, another plow finally showed up…we never did get to go sledding and it has been snowing ever since.

    PS The plow guy remembered me from when he helped me back in November. Read about it here!

    3 thoughts on “Blizzards…

    1. oh my goodness! what a mess!! you are going to need your trip to NC. we promise you warm weather and no snow! (i am pretty sure i can keep that promise) :).

    2. Of course, I must comment (to Jesse) on the fact that we were able to get out right away in the morning on Monday (despite more than 11″ of snow) since the snow plows that cleared the roads in NEENAH, Wisconsin didn’t get stuck!

    3. I appreciated this post so much!! That is so terrible that the plow got stuck, but I appreciate being from a place where you expect things to get plowed!! (WI/MN!) Here getting something plowed in the first 72 hours is a miracle! (Not for us since we live on a major road, but throughout the rest of the city) We had friends who didn’t get mail for 1.5 weeks because the plow didn’t plow their street well enough after like 8 inches of snow! This is a story you will NOT forget!! 🙂

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