Date Night

    As summer draws nearer, I am slowly regaining my life. At the start of the New Year I resolved to do less, and I am slowly working toward that goal. This past month I ended a research study I had been a part of for the past six months. I also finished doing four-six hours a week of homebound teaching for one of my students. I have finished all of the requirements for my Library Media license, and at the end of this month, I will be finished with all extra after school commitments.

    Part of my resolve to do less is the ability to be a better wife for Jesse. In the past year I have relied on him heavily to help in the running of our household. I have also had far less energy to invest in our relationship. Friday night a coupon compelled me to plan a date night.

    Jesse and I dated in college. During that time, we often set aside at least one evening of each week as a date night. As often happens in life, we had not been out on a date in a long time. When you are married without children, in some ways everything you do together feels like a date. In truth, our time together is always more meaningful if we set aside planned time as a date.

    As a teacher, I received a coupon for free admission to the Omnitheater and Science Museum special exhibit for King Tut. It expired on Friday. On Thursday I called ahead for a reservation. Since we were headed to St. Paul, we decided to plan dinner at Cosetta’s. I love their pizza! After enjoying a quick dinner, we saw Mummies at the Omnitheater. We then spent the next couple of hours enjoying the artifacts from King Tut’s tomb and the rest of the science museum. At museum closing time, we decided to head to Cafe Latte in St. Paul for coffee and dessert.

    It was a fabulous evening explore St. Paul and a wonderful time together.

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    1. I am so glad you had a date night! I know you have been so busy so I am sure this was much needed for both of you! And I loved reading allt he places you went- makes me miss St. Paul even more. It sounds like it was a lovely date! 🙂

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