I resolve…to do less???

    I came out of this fall tired and weary. As my mom will quickly inform you, I have struggled my whole life with overcommitment. I always think I can do it all and do it all well. Plus, it it all sounds like so much fun!

    Jesse and I have had many conversations about sharing our household load (he is so helpful!) and cutting back on our commitments. Even with these changes, I was still feeling overwhelmed with life. It may seem silly, but my New Year’s Resolution is actually to accomplish less…or better stated, to plan to accomplish only a few tasks each day.

    In the past, I always tried to do as much as I could every minute of every day. I was feeling like all I did was work with no breaks and no downtime. My mind was constantly spinning.

    Now I begin each day thinking about one to three things I want to accomplish and what fun thing I am going to do when I am done. I can always accomplish more things if I want, but I don’t feel the pressure of having to do everything all in one day. I have started a to do list to keep track of the big things that need done, so I can free my mind to relax when I have finished my daily tasks.

    So far, I feel much better…and I have even finished a book…just for fun!

    4 thoughts on “I resolve…to do less???

    1. Andrea, this is one of the best “resolutions” I have ever heard of. You will probably accomplish more because you’ll be better rested in mind and spirit. Plus, I really like that you added something just for fun! Take care! Love to you and Jesse. Aunt Janet
      (P.S. I’m looking forward to seeing your blog about Phoenix.)

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