A New Friend…

    We have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of a few of our friends’ babies. We have been joking that we have entered “Babyland“. While we were gone on our spring break trip to North Carolina, Tyler Daniel Hagen was born. We flew into the Twin Cities around 4 pm and drove to meet him after dinner.

    Tyler is now a part of Carl and Kristi’s family. Carl, Kristi, and Jesse were all freshmen at UW-Eau Claire in 2001. Jesse and Carl became close friends. In fact, they were roommates when Jesse and I started dating. Jesse was in Carl and Kristi’s wedding, and I was Kristi’s personal attendant. Carl was in our wedding, and Kristi was my personal attendant (see Kristi, I remember).

    We now extend our friendship to their son who we were so excited to meet!

    One thought on “A New Friend…

    1. How fun! There is just nothing like a new baby all swaddled like that! We should catch up soon Andrea!

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