Between the years of 2006 and 2008, we attended MANY weddings. In the last few weeks, we have gone from being friends with young married couples to being friends with young families.

    Five weeks ago my friend Amanda and her husband had their first baby Selah. We enjoyed a baby shower with them on Saturday. A few weeks ago my grandparents enjoyed the birth of their first great-grandchild born to Michael and and my cousin Kristi. Many friends of ours have called in recent weeks with exciting news…

    As excited as we are, it is also a bit sad for Jesse & I. Change is always hard, and we know that our friendships with some of our best friends will soon be changing. We also are feeling a bit left behind. We could certainly do something about that, but we aren’t quite ready.

    The conversation used to go, “What would you think about a baby?”

    “No way!”

    Now the conversation is evolving to, “Let’s have a baby…sooner than later.”

    In the meantime one of the funnest things about our friends having babies is more trips to Target…gift registries here we come!

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