This is the time of year Jesse and I begin planning for the upcoming summer. Because of my job as a teacher, most of our traveling happens during the summer months as I have more flexibility.

    We are already looking forward to a few adventures. We are hoping to do one weekend of backpacking. You can find information about our other backpacking trips here.

    In July we already know we will be attending a wedding July 4th weekend, a wedding in Indiana with some additional time to visit both of our families, and a family reunion Up North.

    We are debating a big trip to Europe to celebrate our five year anniversary but are awaiting news of a recent car repair.

    Decisions, decisions, all I know is that I am already looking forward to summer. How do you go about planning trips and adventures?

    3 thoughts on “Trips…

    1. Here is how I plan: I wait on pins and needles for my daughter to tell me her plans and then I look forward to the times that I will see her:)
      Did you expect something more from me? Maybe some profound wisdom on how to plan your life? Sorry!
      I love you!!!

    2. And all I have to say is, if you go to Europe, COME SEE US IN FRANCE!! We would love to have you here.

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