Every year around this time I begin to dream about the things I want to plant and changes I want to make outside our home. Usually, I try to wait until school is out because of the morning watering that plants require…and we all know I am not a morning person. This spring we have been spending more weekends at home, so I decided to jump start this year’s projects.

    One tradition has been to participate in Pahl’s Moss Basket Days with the original second grade team. One Saturday in March we meet for an afternoon of planting and chatting. In May we pick-up full, beautiful baskets. I have done this for two years. I like this year’s basket better, but I still haven’t found the perfect combination of plants.

    One side of our home had a variety of plants that always died by mid-summer. They were on the full sun side of our house, and they were planted in rocks. I had the bright idea to take out the rocks, pull up the plants, and plant black raspberry bushes. My grandma always grew black raspberries next to her home, and I have a great cobbler recipe. Taking out the rocks and pulling up the plants turned into a three hour project, but in the end, I was pleased with the result (I think Jesse was just tired).

    Four new plants bought from eBay!

    Next up on the agenda: moving two of our raised vegetable gardens from the shady side of the house to the sunny side, planting the front containers, and planting this year’s crop of vegetables. I’ll keep you posted!

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