I’m Not Perfect

    After yesterday’s gardening post, you might think I have a bit of a green thumb. I am slowly learning to become a better gardener, but I still make mistakes.

    This past fall, Jesse and I tilled up half of our front yard and planted new grass (yes, the neighbors thought we were crazy). When it came up this spring, it looked amazing. Each year as soon as I see the first dandelions of the season, I am always out in the yard with my spray bottle trying to control the weeds. This year, I made a bit of a blunder.

    Apparently, I switched my Weed-B-Gon spray bottle with my Roundup spray bottle. Whoops! Now I’m just waiting for my EZ Seed coupon to come in the mail.

    2 thoughts on “I’m Not Perfect

    1. This would have been less embarrassing for us if I hadn’t grabbed the same spray can and sprayed the dandelions in a portion of our neighbors yard! =/

    2. oh no!!! i like jesse’s comment too- this made me giggle!!! at least your intentions were good, in both your yard and your neighbors! 🙂

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