The month of July was full of travel around the United States. In two weeks time, Jesse and I had the opportunity to see all four sides of our extended family.

    It began with a trip to Indiana. My parents were high school sweethearts. Both of their parents still live in the same town where they grew up. Eric, Alaina, dad, mom, Jesse, and I descended on Marion, IN for one week. We began with a barbecue with my mom’s family. The next day we met my cousin from South Carolina and my aunt and uncle at BK (not Burger King). Friday we met for lunch with my mom’s family and spent the evening eating Pizza King with dad’s.

    When Jesse and I started dating, we had a small world moment. His uncle, aunt, cousins, and grandparents on his dad’s side now live in Upland, IN (only 20 minutes from Marion)! ¬†We spent Saturday at Jesse’s cousin Megan’s wedding spending time with Jesse’s dad’s extended family. On Sunday we made the long trek back to Minneapolis.

    Four days later we headed up to northern Wisconsin for the Jones family reunion, and the chance to see Jesse’s mom’s extended family. We spent a long weekend swimming in the lake, boating, and sharing meals with 26 people! We all stayed in four different houses!

    Jesse and I continue to be thankful for the seven remaining grandparents that we have…and the chance to see all of our families!

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    1. Of course, the “Get Togethers” all revolve around mealtimes and food (at least for the Reed/Lashbrook families). Don’t we have any other interests in common? Oh well, I always love it when you mention me in your blog!!! I love you and spending time with you (even without any food)!

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