…I will be a millionaire.

    My husband is an entrepreneur. He has ideas…lots of ideas. Since we have been married he has created images for iStock, redesigned his personal website, finished numerous freelance projects (some paid, some unpaid), dabbled in photography, and created a resource for web designers related to Content Management Systems.

    His newest venture involves board games. We both grew up in game-playing families. In college our group of friends would get together and play games. Since college, my brother and his wife (Alaina) have developed a passion for playing all kinds of unique and interesting games.

    This year Jesse, my brother, and one of Jesse’s co-workers co-founded Boxed Up Fun. Boxed Up Fun is a website dedicated to introducing people to new games using videos. Check it out and write a game review at

    I don’t know if this is Jesse’s million dollar idea (though I know someday he will have one), but at least it keeps him out of trouble!

    2 thoughts on “Someday…

    1. Trouble, huh? I thought it was my job to keep YOU out of trouble! As far as the millionaire thing… no promises… but as long as you keep believing!

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