Two hours…

    My friend recently got a sign that says, “Snow Please…I’m A Teacher”. Last winter Minnesota had well over 80″ of snow. We had two storms classified as blizzards and LOTS of snow, but all of the snow happened on the weekends or days off from school, so we had no late starts or snow days.

    This week they were predicting a huge snow for the Twin Cities on Tuesday into Wednesday. All the teachers I know started crossing their fingers. As it rained all day onTuesday our hopes were dashed. I was out and about on Tuesday night as the rain began to shift to snow, and the puddles became ice. I slept with my phone by my bed.

    At 5:45 A.M. the phone to rang to announce a glorious late start. School was delayed for two precious hours. It truly is the simple things in life…two hours that make my day.

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