Third Trimester…

    Today marks the 39 week point in my pregnancy. I have days when I feel great…I have days when I don’t feel so great. I can say with confidence that my baby will be born this month.

    The school year has started well. My nesting has extended to finishing a book room project at school before beginning my maternity leave (it is almost done…). This past week we hired a long term substitute to fill my position through the end of this school year. She will begin when the baby is born and continue until June.

    Last month Jesse and I bought a mini-van, did many loads of baby laundry, and cleaned out our garage. Still on the list is cleaning out the kitchen cupboards. We will see if Lil’ Sprout lets us do that project.

    We both find ourselves waffling between extreme excitement and emotional about the way our life is changing and whether we are ready. We continue to be thankful for a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby.

    Hopefully, I will post a nursery tour later this week.

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