First Trimester the Second Time

Jesse and I are excitedly expecting our second child. Here are some answers to the most common questions.

When is the baby due?

March 20

Are you going to find out the baby’s gender?

Nora’s gender was a surprise until the very end. For Baby #2 we are planning a gender reveal at Thanksgiving. Every year my parents buy us a new ornament for our Christmas tree. My friend Anna from Make it Sweet is creating a gender reveal Christmas ornament that we will open with my family at Thanksgiving.

Did you return to the infertility specialist for this pregnancy?

We did not. This time the Lord has blessed us with a surprise pregnancy.

How are you feeling?

This pregnancy has been very different. I struggled most days with nausea day and night. At twenty-one weeks, I am finally starting to feel the return of my appetite and energy…and I am so grateful!

Where is the bump?

We decided to take a different strategy this time and have me wear the same shirt each week. Here is the progress from five weeks to eighteen weeks. If you want to compare, here are my pictures from Nora’s first trimester.


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