Black Raspberry Cobbler

    In recent years, it has become more important to me to begin learning about some of my family’s traditions. I enjoy cooking, so I have been spending more time in the kitchen with my grandmas and moms. This past weekend I finally mastered the Lashbrook Family Cobbler.

    My Mammaw Lashbrook has always had a black raspberry patch next to their home in Indiana. Every summer she picks and freezes quarts of black raspberries. These raspberries are not something you can find in the store or at the farmer’s market. Last year I discovered that I have a patch of wild black raspberries behind my house. This summer I actually planted more black raspberries on the side of my house.

    Besides having the right berries, I also had to master the pie crust. After a few attempts, we can now help my grandma out and and make her famous Black Raspberry Cobbler. Yum!

    Making the pie crust
    Rolling out the crust
    Placing the crust in the cast iron skillet
    Mixing the berry filling
    Pinching the cobbler together
    A black raspberry cobbler just like mammaw's

    4 thoughts on “Black Raspberry Cobbler

    1. “Yum-O,” as Dad would say. You can now have the job of making raspberry cobbler! I am sure that Grandma Lashbrook will not mind retiring from that. I don’t remember hearing any yelling from the kitchen, though. You’ll have to work on that.

    2. By the way, how many Lashbrooks does it take to make a raspberry cobbler? (Five) How many does it take to eat it? (Hopefully not too many since we like it leftover, too!)

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