Penny’s Birth Story


    Because of complications during Nora’s birth, a repeat c-section was recommended for Penny’s birth. At 38 weeks I started having contractions and was concerned she would come early but everything proceeded as planned.

    At 39 weeks and 1 day we woke up to meet our baby. Jesse’s parents came to stay with Nora and my mom joined us at the hospital. The first thing we did was listen to the baby’s strong and steady heartbeat. She was sleeping at first but woke up as we were listening.

    They prepped me for surgery but my doctor was running a bit behind schedule. The anesthesia they used was a little harder on my system this time so I was a bit dizzy but alert when we heard Penny’s first cries. She was born at 10:23 am and was 7 pounds 14 ounces and 20.25 inches long.

    I began liking the name Penny when my friend Kristi was pregnant with her little girl. Her son, Tyler, always called the baby Polly but I mixed it up and thought he called her Penny. The whole time she was pregnant I thought they should name the baby Penny because it was so cute. When I found out I was pregnant with another girl, Penny was the top name on the list. To give Penny a more grown up name we decided on Penelope, but we call her Penny.

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